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Searchable Whois
Restricted Access
Public Interest Registry limits access to its searchable Whois service to authorized users with a legitimate purpose for searching registration data (e.g., investigation of terrorism or cybercrime by federal or international law enforcement agencies investigating potential criminal activity). Public Interest Registry will grant access on a case-by-case basis, typically to data for one Public Interest Registry TLD; however, Public Interest Registry may in its discretion provide access to data for more than one Public Interest Registry TLD. All access to and use of the searchable Whois service will be of limited duration and may be recorded by Public Interest Registry. Results from queries to the searchable Whois service may not be published without Public Interest Registry prior written permission.
To request access to the Public Interest Registry searchable Whois service, email: WHOISrequest@pir.org
Once Public Interest Registry has granted access, searches can be made at: https://searchwhois.publicinterestregistry.org.
Anti-Abuse of the Searchable Whois Service
By accessing Whois information through the searchable Whois service, the user agrees to use the Whois data for the purposes specified (e.g., only to investigate suspected criminal activity) and not to use Whois data to:
  • abuse the Whois service by issuing a query that essentially returns the entire database in the result set;
  • attempt to run large quantities of queries sufficient to reduce the performance of the registry database; or
  • use the searchable Whois service for personal queries.